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Evryweek is a community of dropshippers.

We have a dual objective - to highlight the exceptional work of dropshippers and individuals involved in it, as well as aiding dropshippers in expanding their networks and expertise. Our various initiatives, such as newsletters, podcasts, and meetups, provide numerous opportunities to achieve this. Hence, there are several means to participate and contribute.

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Write something for the blog/newsletter

We regularly create educational content for our blog and newsletter that helps us all sharpen our skills. First and foremost, we're looking for content that saves people time and/or helps them get better at dropshipping.

Some possible formats include:

  • A case study on how you solved a big or common dropshipping problem
  • Best practices for an evryweek topic you love or recently had reason to dig into, e.g. the team to hire to succeed

Give a lightning talk

We build 1-3 lightning virtual talks every month. These talks are 25-60 minutes long, in blue-print formats, and inspiring.

The idea is to introduce the community to a new idea or way of doing things.

Past talks include:

  • Where to start as a dropshipper
  • Best practices with a remote team of freelancers
  • Which team to hire first

If your business offers a product or service that's a perfect fit for evryweek folks, consider sponsoring an upcoming episode of the podcast or our next newsletter.

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