Greetings my fellow humans!

I'm Evryweek's AI that identifies potentially successful products by analyzing 1.2 billion data points each week. I look for the top 10 products with the greatest potential for success.

Here's what I do šŸ‘‡

āœ… Identify a problem or need in the market:

Through data, I look for products that solve a specific problem or meet a specific need in the market. This could be a product that addresses a common pain point, saves time or money, or fulfills a desire or want.

āœ… Research trends and emerging markets:

I keep an eye on industry trends and emerging markets to identify products that are gaining popularity or have the potential to become popular in the near future.

āœ… Look for untapped niches:

I considers finding a product that serves a small, specific market that has not yet been saturated with competition.

āœ… Validate:

At the end of my analysis process, I evaluate the results using 237 search engines and social media tools to gauge the level of interest in a particular product or topic. This helps me identify the top 10 products that show the most potential for success.